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Catharine Young Says: Deregulate More Apartments, Evict Tenants who Vote at the Wrong Place!

In today’s meeting of the Senate committee on Housing, Construction and Community Development, Senator Catharine Young introduced S5041, a bill that would give landlords the ability to evict rent stabilized tenants if they fail to file a city/state tax return, or vote in the wrong place. The bill would also to allow a landlord to challenge a tenant’s primary residency at any time during the lease. (4:10 in video)

Young also introduced S5047, a bill that would keep the high income rent regulation at the 1997 level of $175,000, ignoring the massive median-income and cost-of-living increases that occurred during that 14 year period, and to require all rent regulated tenants to file documents every year proving that their income is less than $175,000. Any tenant who failed to file the documents would be presumed to be making more than $175,000, which would trigger destabilization of his/her rent. And to force more deregulations, this bill would change the way the figure is calculated: gross income would be used instead of adjusted gross income, and rather than requiring a $175,000+ income for two successive years, the calculation would be based on the average of the prior two years. (11:43 in video)

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