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Christmas in April! Catharine Young Gives 5 Presents to Landlords

Monday, April 30th, 2012

At today’s meeting of the Senate Committee on Housing, Construction and Community Development, Senator Catharine Young introduced five more bills that attack the rights of rent stabilized tenants in New York City.

S5041A – This bill would give landlords the ability to evict rent stabilized tenants if they fail to file a city/state tax return, or vote in the wrong place, and also would allow a landlord to challenge a tenant’s primary residency at any time during the lease. A version of this bill had previously passed the Senate on June 22nd, 2011, but died in Assembly. (0:50 in video)

S5152 – This bill would would allow a landlord to evict any rent regulated tenant, who is not disabled or over the age of 62, if the landlord’s immediate family wanted to live there, even for just a short time, without demonstrating any necessity for such occupancy. (6:49 in video)

S6472 – This bill would allow a landlord to increase the stabilized rent on an apartment by 20% in the event that the residing tenant vacates or dies, and his/her family wishes to continue the lease. Furthermore, the bill would limit succession rights to one generation. (9:55 in video)

S6473 – This bill would make it easier for an apartment to become destabilized via high income, by changing the formula for calculating the $200,000 minimum annual income. Instead of requiring an income above $200,000 for each of two consecutive years, the average income over the two year period would be used in the calculation. (12:59 in video)

S6515 – This bill would eliminate a rent regulated tenant’s right to a two-year lease renewal. All lease renewals would therefore be for a term of only one year. (14:53 in video)