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Catharine Young Steps Down as Housing Committee Chair, Appointed to Chair Finance Committee Instead!

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Catharine Young has stepped down as chair of the New York Senate Committee on Housing, Construction and Community Development, but will continue to serve as a committee member.

Today, Young was appointed chair of the Finance Committee by temporary President and Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan, who replaced the disgraced Dean Skelos last year. In December, Skelos and his son Adam were found guilty of all eight criminal charges against them, and are currently awaiting sentencing (maximum 130 years). Dean Skelos appointed Young to her position as chair of the Housing Committee back in 2011. Young had publicly defended Skelos after the charges were announced, and was later touted as a possible replacement Majority Leader.

As chair of the Finance Committee, Young will have an incredible amount of influence over New York’s $150 billion budget.

Catharine Young Refuses to Let NYC Manage Its Own Housing Laws

Friday, May 9th, 2014

The Urstadt Law, which was passed by Albany lawmakers in 1971, took away New York City’s right to implement its own housing laws. Although NYC’s new mayor, Bill de Blasio, has called for a repeal of the Urstadt Law, Senator Catharine Young has so far refused to allow this to happen.

It’s easy to see why. If the lawmakers of New York City were allowed to make the laws of New York City, then the landlords would have no use for Catharine Young. This would mean that all of the money she gets from NYC landlords (which greatly exceeds her actual salary from the state) would disappear.

So it should come as no surprise that every time a senator (such as Liz Krueger, who actually represents part of NYC) tries to introduce a “home rule” bill to let the city control its own housing laws, Catharine Young and her friends in Albany simply kill it.

Despite the fact that she’s bankrolled by NYC landlords, Catharine Young actually has the nerve to pretend that she wants to bring down rents in New York City. In an official statement to Crain’s newspaper, Young wrote:

“The best way to bring down rents is to expand the number of housing units. It is a basic supply and demand issue… Changing the Urstadt Law would prove to be a disaster for the future of New York City’s housing market.”

The full article is available here.

Watch Young kill S1492 in this video from a Housing committee meeting last year (3:15):

Catharine Young to Chair 2 Committees

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Senator Catharine Young has been appointed by Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos to chair the Senate Legislative Commission on Rural Resources as well as the Senate Committee on Housing, Construction and Community Development.

The Senate’s press release quoted Young as saying, “I’m honored to take on the challenge of two major roles, instead of just one. Generally, Senators just get a single chairmanship. … I’ve always fought for upstate.  Unfortunately, it’s easy for New York City-controlled politicians to ignore the needs of the rural regions of our state.”