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Landlords 3, Tenants 0: Catharine Young Passes Three Bills in Senate

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Today, the Senate passed three of the bills that Senator Catharine Young introduced in the April 30th housing committee meeting:

S5041A – This bill would give landlords the ability to evict rent stabilized tenants if they fail to file a city/state tax return, or vote in the wrong place, and also would allow a landlord to challenge a tenant’s primary residency at any time during the lease. A version of this bill had previously passed the Senate on June 22nd, 2011, but died in Assembly.

S5152 – This bill would would allow a landlord to evict any rent regulated tenant, who is not disabled or over the age of 62, if the landlord’s immediate family wanted to live there, even for just a short time, without demonstrating any necessity for such occupancy.

S6472 – This bill would allow a landlord to increase the stabilized rent on an apartment by 20% in the event that the residing tenant vacates or dies, and his/her family wishes to continue the lease. Furthermore, the bill would limit succession rights to one generation.

All three bills are currently in Assembly.

Due to an apparent technical glitch, there is no sound on the Senate’s video of the session. However, the full transcript can be read here. In addition, we do have following debate on the S5041A bill between Catharine Young and Gustavo Rivera, who represents District 33 in the Bronx (which, unlike Young’s own district, is actually affected by her bill):

Senate Passes 2 of Catharine Young’s Anti-Tenant Bills

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

In today’s Senate session, Catharine Young debated her latest pro-landlord bill S5763 against senators Daniel Squadron, Thomas Duane, Liz Krueger, and Adriano Espaillat, who represent various districts of New York City which are targeted by the bill.

The goal of the bill is to allow landlords who illegally deregulated rent stabilized apartments (while simultaneously receiving J-51 tax benefits) to return those benefits to the government, thereby keeping the rent that they overcharged their tenants.

The property most notably affected by this bill is Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village, whose tenants won a major court victory against their landlords in 2009 regarding several years of illegally overcharged rent (Roberts v. Tishman Speyer Properties). This bill would reverse the court’s decision and hand victory back to the billionaire landlords.

Young had tried the same thing earlier this year with a similar bill S4117A, but that bill failed to gain any traction. (33:50 in video)

Catharine Young later went on to debate her bill S5041 (with the help of her fellow Republican senators Michael Nozzolio and Carl Marcellino) against Krueger, Espaillat, and Gustavo Rivera. This bill would give a landlord the power to evict a rent regulated tenant by claiming that the tenant failed to properly file a tax return or voted in the wrong place. By shifting the burden of proving primary residency to the tenant, the tenant’s rights to due process would be greatly reduced. (2:12:57 in video)

As usual, Catharine Young’s own constituents are not affected by either of these bills in any way. In spite of this fact, both bills were passed by the Senate (34-28) and now move to the Assembly.