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Catharine Young Reintroduces 6 Failed Pro-Landlord Bills from 2011

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

It’s a blast from the past! In the current legislative session, Senator Catharine Young has reintroduced 6 of her (failed) sponsored bills from 2011, all of which favor landlords and hurt rent regulated tenants. These bills have been given new numbers as follows:

S7732-2011, which would allow landlords to automatically renew (at the landlord’s option) a lease for any holdover tenant who remained in their apartment after the end of their existing lease (even if the tenant had a valid reason for refusing to sign the renewal lease), is now S4032-2013.

S5041A-2011, which would allow a landlord to commence eviction proceedings against a tenant who fails to file a tax return or votes in the wrong place, and would also allow a landlord to challenge a tenant’s primary residency whenever they want, is now S3671-2013.

S6472-2011, which would allow a landlord to increase the stabilized rent on an apartment by 20% in the event that the residing tenant vacates or dies, and his/her family wishes to continue the lease, and would also limit succession rights to one generation, is now S3672-2013.

S6515-2011, which would take away a rent regulated tenant’s right to a two-year lease, and would raise the vacancy increase on one-year leases to 20% (which is the current rate for a two-year lease), is now S3673A-2013.

S5152-2011, which would allow a landlord to evict any rent regulated tenant (who is not over age 62 or disabled), thereby freeing the apartment for the owner’s personal use, is now S4033-2013.

S6473-2011, which would change the way tenants’ incomes are calculated (making it easier for landlords to perform high-income deregulation), is now S4073A-2013.